Friday, June 15, 2012

frutas y chiles secos

denim jacket - thrifted, sweatshirt - craft fair, jeans - gap, moccasins - minnetonka, bag, thrifted

This has basically been my uniform this spring. Especially for barbecues or other eating outdoors sort of occasions. It just feels right. I bought the bag at Value Village with Emily a couple weeks ago and she HATES it. She thinks it's ugly and stupid. Which it kind of is. I mean, I'm carrying around a plastic shopping tote with a bunch of pictures of food and a phone number for Oaxaca, Mexico on it. But it reminds me of my days of picking up funny orthodontist tshirts in the little boys aisle of the thrift store and wearing the SHIT out of them. That was totally my style for, oh, most of high school. You can't blame me for feeling a little nostalgic for the ugly and weird.

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