Sunday, March 22, 2009

and.......I'm back!

The quarter is over and I am so relieved. I think I did alright in all my classes, so that's good. Really, I am just ecstatic to have a little time to NOT worry about school. In fact, I think I may have even figured out where I'll be going after I finish up at the community college I'm currently going to.

But enough about THAT. I really haven't been putting that much effort into my clothes for the, two weeks. All that study for finals, and I had to spend so much time in the darkroom working on my final project. Anyways, I've been wearing some variation of this outfit pretty often.

sweatshirt - american apparel & american eagle, tee - pacsun, jeans - pacsun

It's my favorite lazy outfit. I like the double sweatshirts to keep me warm, and I have so many different colors of the same v-neck tee that the outfit is infinitely repeatable.

In fact, I wore a variation of this outfit today, hanging out with my friends. We went to Fred Meyer so my Justina could pick up a dvd of Role Models (such a good movie, we saw it together in theater, love paul rudd) and then went to Pickle Time, an awesome little burger joint in my town. We went back to my house, our friend Shane came over, and we watched the movie. (Amanda had to go home early though because she had to open at work in the morning.)

sweatshirt - target, tee - pacsun, jeans - pacsun

I have a few other unexciting outfits I snapped pictures of in the last two weeks. This one features a shirt I made last year. It's my own little political shirt, which I wore to support Obama throughout the primary process and election. Fun stuff yo.

shirt - stenciled by me

If you can't read it, it says "change we can believe in." I liked this shirt because it wasn't overtly political (I could get away with wearing it at work), but fun when people got it. Hey, check out this weird picture! I think I blinked as it took it.

It kinda creeps me out, like a lot. ha. And this, well this is the epitome of laziness. What can I say, I was taking a rare break from studying.

And finally, I did wear one cute outfit, for my final critique in photography.

sweater - uniqlo, shirt - target, jeans - pacsun, shoes - converse, necklace - vintage, silk scarf - thrifted

I found this scarf at the thrift store the same day I got that red flannel shirt and the belt I've been wearing. By the way, I will be posting my work from my photography class this quarter shortly. I need to pick up my final project pictures from school on Monday (and sell back my textbooks, so hopefully I'll have a little a cash) and then I'll have a post dedicated to the whole quarter again. Anyways, I'm glad to be back into blogging and should get much more regular.

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