Tuesday, March 10, 2009

busy busy busy

Ack, I can't believe I've been this bad about blogging. Actually I can, because I'm a bum. But it's the week before finals, and I'm trying desperately to finish projects and study for exams. I haven't taken many outfit pictures, but I do have . . . three outfits to show you since my last post.

sweatshirt - super old XXL skinnified by me, jeans - express, shoes - converse

dress - delias, sweater - thrifted, tights - dkny, shoes - converse, umbrella - ebay

sweater - target, jeans - old navy, leggings - target, shoes - vans, scarf - urban outfitters

(Yes, there is SNOW at my house. AGAIN. So freaking sick of it. Driving to school yesterday was hell. It was practically a blizzard, but completely stopped by the time I was heading home. Of course the snow is sticking around at my house. I mean, it's gorgeous, but such a pain. Driving up Novelty Hill was beautiful, but scary when the snow was coming down.)


  1. Just found your blog by accident today, but then again is anything just by accident?...
    Love your photography!


  2. aww you look so cute with the umbrella!