Thursday, March 26, 2009

sans pants = no bueno

Even in tights it is too cold.

Sadly, I discovered this yesterday when I went out with some friends wearing a skirt and froze my freaking ass off, I am not even kidding, walking around Seattle. Why in God's name is still cold. Like seriously, I am not a wuss about the cold, and I did not stop complaining the entire night. Thankfully my friends were also bitching about the cold and the wind, so I was not too annoying. Hopefully.

shirt - pacsun, skirt - kimchi blue, tights - target/goodwill, shoes - target

The shirt is actually a little more pink than the orange it appears in the photo. And the tights I bought at Goodwill, brand new in the package from Target. They're really fantastic, completely opaque and such an awesome color.

I look scared of something, like I'm about to run away. For some reason, the night before last I started thinking about wearing these tights with my pink moccasins and the rest of the outfit came out of that. I originally was going to wear a different skirt, a purple striped one, but it did not work. So I tried this one, which I got at Urban Outfitters at the beginning of last summer and it worked perfectly. The shirt matches quite nicely with the flowers on it.

Despite the cold, last night was really fun. I got to see some people I don't see that often (we're getting better about it, but it still always feels like a treat) and watch both Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Clarissa Explains It All, which always make an evening fantastic. I also got to stuff myself with cheap Thai food downtown and then big cheeze-its, oreos and milk, and pixy stix at my friend's apartment. Definitely a fun night. (These picures, by the way, were taken after I got home around 2 or 3 last night, so excuse my face.)

Today was spent being lazy and then doing some more cleaning. I'm taking advantage of spring break to do some much needed spring cleaning. Conveniently, I've been alternating hard work with fun times, and haven't gotten burnt out yet.

sweater - my mom's (probably thrifted), shirt - thrifted, jeans - express, slipper socks - gift from alex

I felt like dressing cozy and comfy today, since it's still quite cold. And no shoes, since I haven't been out of the house, but these are the warmest, most cozy socks ever. They even have rubbery grippy stuff on the bottom so you don't slide around.

I'm wearing my glasses today. I'm trying to wear them more often, but I really just want a new pair. I have the new ones all picked out and everything. They're cheap! Actually, my friend Shane, who is one of the people I was with last night, told me about this site that has even cheaper glasses. He got his new glasses from there, but I haven't checked it out yet. I may change my mind on what to get if I find something good.

I also did something different with my hair today! I parted it to the side, braided and coiled the braid into a low bun. Unfortunately, you can't seem to see that it's a braided bun, rather than a regular one, but oh well. I think it looks cute regardless.

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