Friday, April 10, 2009

Cause I am most ill and I'm rhymin' and stealin'

I went to visit my friend in the hospital again today. She's doing worse. It was a really beautiful day though, and I'll post about that tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have a bunch of outfit pictures I haven't posted yet. I don't have a lot to say about them, since I don't really remember anything about them.

jeans - pacsun, shirt - urban outfitters, sweatshirt - american apparel

The scarf is vintage. It was my mom's and the silk is pretty much disintegrating in places but it's my very favorite. I try to wear it less these days, replacing it with a nice one I bought at Urban Outfitters, but nothing is as special as this one. The color is perfect too. (I wore this outfit yesterday, which was much yuckier than the rest of the week has been. I thought our nice weather was over, but then today was gorgeous too.)

jeans - pacsun, tie-dye - diy, jacket - cotton on

I wore this another really nice day, maybe Tuesday? I like wearing tie-dye with military-esque jackets. It's very 60's counterculture to me. The shirt is one of my favorites of the ones I made at my tie-dye party last summer (so fun, I supplied all the dye and people brought shirts, socks, sweatshirts, underwear, fabric, and tons of other stuff to dye) because of the colors. The jacket I bought in Australia at this store called Cotton On. There was one right by my hotel, and I kept seeing the jacket every time I went in and out. Since it was winter there and I had only a thin sweatshirt, I decided it was totally worth buying. Now it's actually my favorite spring/summer evening jacket. Light, comfortable, and goes really well with the hippie-ish style I tend towards in warmer weather.

jeans - pacsun, shirt - forever 21

This is a less than exciting outfit, but whatever. When I wore this, I was sitting outside in the sun at school for two hours and I got a tan line on my right arm from the sleeve. First color of the year! Also, I've been wearing my hair down a lot more and I really like it.

shirt - thrifted gramicci, sweatshirt - old navy

I know this picture doesn't really show my outfit that much, but I was pretty drunk. So was Justina. Ha. I was housesitting actually, and the daugther of the people I was housesitting for came over with her boyfriend and a bunch of alcohol and the just the four of us got pretty trashed. I think this is a surprisingly good drunk picture, usually I have half closed eyes and look really yucky.

I think I shall save today's outfit to post tomorrow, but I have one other thing to show you. I made this card for my friend who is in the hospital (she has Guillian Barre syndrome and it's pretty intense). Along with Justina, we are the Beastie Boys (I am Mike D., Justina is Adrock, and she is MCA) so I had to use a picture of them on the front. We also used our Beastie Boys nicknames to address and sign it. She really liked it.

Also, tomorrow I am going to a party/show in Bellingham and I just CAN'T decide what to wear. Any suggestions?


  1. i love the pencil in your hair. is that what it is? so cute. hope your friend gets better soon.

  2. I hope your friend recovers soon! Much luck with everything.

  3. Yes, that is a pencil. And thank you both for your kind thoughts and words.