Sunday, April 12, 2009

i think that god's got a sick sense of humor

I know I mentioned the other day that I was heading up to Bellingham on Friday. If you're not from Washington, Bellingham is a few hours north of where I live, and it's the location of Western Washington University, which is where I'll probably be transferring in a year, when I'm done at BCC (Bellevue Community College).

Anyways, I went up there with a couple of friends and we saw a friend's band play at a party. This picture I took at home before leaving. Shows my whole outfit a little better, but my face is more boring and it's kind of a weird angle, making my legs look really short.

jeans and shirt - pacsun, shoes - converse, peacock earrings - christmas present bought on etsy

I love the way these shirts from Pacsun fit all loose. I buy a size too big and they're perfect. I stock up every time they're on sale; if you go at the right time you can get them for around 2-3 dollars. And of course, these earrings are awesome. Justina bought them for me and I love them. When I can't decided what to wear, jeans and a black or white v-neck tee with some bold jewelery always works out.

That's my friend Michael, he dresses like a soc, but wishes he was a greaser. He almost bought this sweet brown vintage letter jacket at a store in Bellingham the next day but it was just a little short on him, both in the body and sleeves. It looked really good though. He's probably my most fashionable and well-dressed male friend.

On the left is Spike, whose band was playing. He's a funny guy; currently he's been wearing cowboy boots a lot and he wouldn't stop talking in this really gross voice most of the night. He dresses to be funny. And Justina is in the middle wearing an awesome vintage Depeche Mode shirt with a flannel on top. Her style switches around a lot, from grunge to preppy to kind of hip, but she always looks adorable. She also rocks some sweet kicks; currently wearing Addidas that look like Chuck Taylors.

This picture was sometime around when Spike's band played, and judging by my disheveled hair, I'm guessing immediately after. We met this kid who happened to live in a town near us for a few years, although he now lives in Olympia. It's always surprising to meet people who are familiar with our area because our town is so tiny. His name was Gantz and he moshed/danced with us, and was generally our buddy all night. That picture shows off my earrings really well.

As the night progressed I got obsessed with stealing Spike's hat, despite the fact that it didn't fit over my hair. I had it for a long time and almost took a punch for it (not from Spike).

There's Amanda looking pretty damn sleepy and me with the stupid hat again. Amanda was kind of going for the preppy style with that jacket (she does preppy (not like hollister/abercrombie type preppy but you look like you go to a prep school type preppy) style really well). I'm totally in love with her hair color right now. The red is really intense and looks amazing on her. This picture really doesn't show how intense it is right now. It's like right on the line between natural and unnatural red.

There's me and Spike again. Spike is super cute. And I did eventually give him back the hat. Neither of us are flipping off the camera, that's someone else.

This is Nicole, a good friend of ours who goes to Western and kindly let us crash in her living room. She has really cute hair right now. A friend of hers cut it and it's actually a pretty dramatic a-line, which you really can't see in this picture.

The party was a pretty good one, although Michael can be a little difficult (trying to start fights, throwing bottles in the street) and kind of got us thrown out. I guess. The party was winding down anyways. I had fun meeting lots of random people, and our friend's band was actually really good. The next morning (after retrieving Michael's car) we had breakfast at the Horseshoe Cafe, which is really delicious, cheap (biscuits and gravy for like four dollars! best biscuits and gravy I've ever had!) and apparently open 24 hrs/day. Wandered around downtown B-ham a bit more, stopped in the record store for cds for the drive home and Justina picked up some Depeche Mode on vinyl. Also stopped at this awesome chocolate shop that also sells artwork, and the vintage store I mentioned where Michael tried on the letter jacket. It was a very cute store and all this combined to make me a little less sad about moving up there for school.

jeans - pacsun, shirt - vintage depeche mode, sweater - thrifted

This is what I wore Saturday. It was a total coincidence (and also awesome and hilarious) that Justina wore a Depeche Mode shirt on Friday and I brought one for Saturday. I totally didn't know what she was planning on wearing when I packed.

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