Wednesday, April 29, 2009

policy of truth

So it's been quite awhile since I've posted, but I've not been feeling well, or been busy, or just out enjoying the intermittent gorgeous weather for the last few weeks. I've mainly been pretty lazy about clothes, especially on school days, and the few freezing, wintery days, but I have been wearing different shoes! Switching up the chucks and vans for some cute flats.

(I know a few people were concerned about my friend Alex, and I mentioned in my last post, I think, that she was doing better. Unfortunately, her progress has turned back around and she's in the ICU. Her vocal cords are partially paralyzed and she may need a tracheotomy. So if you could, send your good thoughts her way again.)

This outfit I wore on Easter. I wanted to wear something cute and Eastery, but I was late getting ready to go over to my aunt's and just threw something on. I've worn this shirt several times on the blog, but I just found this track jacket I bought last year (it was on sale!) and like how bright it is. It's kinda 80's looking too, I think. And yay for cute hair.

track jacket - macy's, shirt - urban outfitters, pants - pacsun

Tuesday was another beautiful day, and while I didn't do anything especially exciting, I did go for a walk by the river with Justina and her mom. Later, I sunbathed in my yard and did some gardening. It was awesome to wear shorts and these cute pink moccasins. This shirt is one of my favorite band shirts, it's super comfortable and the graphic is cute. I got it when I saw Modest Mouse back in like, freshman year or something. And yes, those shorts have paint on them. I thought watercolor would wash out, so I was wiping my brush on my pants, but it turns out it doesn't.

shorts - diy, tshirt - concert, shoes - target

This I wore one of the really awful days we had. It was a school day and I was feeling pretty crappy. Layers kept me warm and the dark colors went well with my mood. I used to wear a lot more black, like almost all the time (I was NOT goth though), but at some point that changed.

sweatshirt - volcom, tshirt - forgot, long sleeve - pacsun, jeans - pacsun, shoes - converse

I have some pictures from my stepdad's birthday celebration (and a few other family members, his family is so big we combine birthdays) on Saturday, but I think I'll save those for another post. Also, I'll try to get some of the pictures my friend took today (it was nice! we had a picnic! in the park!) and post those soon too.

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  1. the colors in that hoodie are very easter like! very cute

    and as for my hair, i loveeeee it