Thursday, April 22, 2010

moon palace

Wait, what? A non-boring outfit? No way!

Yeah, I didn't have work today so I spent a little while getting dressed and then went down to the used bookstore (this bench is outside) to look for a book. The book is for a bookclub, but the bookclub only has two people. One of whom is a boy I like. The other is me. Yeah, it's cute. I didn't find the book, but the boy found his old copy of it (he had bought a new one) and said he'd mail it to me.

Anyways, after Justina and I hung out at the bookstore and then at the park for a bit, we decided to go thrifting since she hadn't been in awhile and we were both wanting some summer stuff. She found some cute dresses and skirts and I got a couple things too, including a really beat up denim jacket. Just for fun, we were looking in the furniture section and we found these amazing yellow sixties-ish chairs. Now, we both still live with our parents, but we've been talking about getting a place together this summer so we decided it was a sign that we should live together and each bought one. Stoked for our place. It's gonna look rad.

dress - old and from somewhere stupid, cardigan - target, shoes - some cheap shit, socks - dunno, bag - thrifted coach


  1. The book store!!! One of the few tight places in the valley. Cute outfit too. I love the socks and shoe combo. I've been loving long socks lately.
    And the boyyyy and a book club?! CUUUUTE :)

  2. You look sooooo cute! i can't even get over the hair!

  3. That bookstore picture is so cool. I love the bench and your hair looks awesome.

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  5. OMg I am now obsessed with that book bentch :)

  6. coolest fucking bench in the world.