Thursday, April 15, 2010

total shit (and cupcakes)

Wow, I am so behind in blogging. These pictures are from Saturday. Justina, Amanda, and I hung out in Seattle, got cupcakes at Trophy, and did some shopping. Then Justina came home with me (after seriously devouring some teriyaki) and we napped before heading BACK to Seattle to see our friends' band, Total Shit play. They were awesome, of course, but they played last out of like 8 bands at this stupid party and I was not drunk enough to deal with all the annoying college students. The rest of the bands were AWFUL and almost everyone left by the time my friends played.

jacket - cotton on (australia), hoodie - american eagle, shirt - depeche mode concert, skirt - secondhand, tights - garage sale, socks - gift, shoes - beat to shit converse, bag - thrifted coach

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