Thursday, April 8, 2010

thriftscoring an easter dress

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. My celebrations were limited to omelets for breakfast and wearing a pretty dress. Since I am not religious and have grown out of Easter egg hunts and dying eggs with food coloring (or have I? I think next year that needs to come back), Easter is barely a holiday. I did have the day off work, which was nice, and went to dinner with J and L.

I've been thrifting like crazy lately. About once a week I go after work and have buy at least a few things. Value Village has been kicking ass when it comes to vintage dresses. This particular one is a rather awful polyester fabric and appears to be handmade. It may look like something a grandma less hip than my own would wear but I quite like it. I do think it needs to be shortened though. Just above the knee? I have a lot of dresses that need to be hemmed but I can't decide on how short. Several of them I think would look best quite short but then I wouldn't be able to wear them to work. And I need more clothes that I can wear at work. Quite a dilemma.

dress - thrifted, purse - thrifted coach, coat - old navy, tights - dkny from garage sale, shoes - jeffrey campbell

Ok, these shoes. Love them. I got them months ago but haven't actually gotten around to wearing them yet. I can't wear them at work and my life has pretty much been work or home these days so I had no reason to. Finally decided, fuck it, I like them and want to wear them. I don't need a reason. Besides, I liked how they're kind of intense and it contrasts with the pastel floral dress. They will definitely be worn lots more. They're even really comfortable!

And the bag, oh man was I stoked to find this. I swear, it was probably never used. Perfect condition basic black Coach bag. The shoulder strap will be great for the summer (for some reason I hate bags that need to be held during the summer) and it's a bit bigger than my brown one which means I don't have to desperately cram all my essentials into a far too small to hold them bag. So yeah, thrift stores have been rocking my socks off lately.*

*I will be talking more about thrift and vintage stores in a later post but I had to mention that I just heard about a great sounding one in the U District. A friend of my dad's owns it and it's called Valley of Roses. Haven't checked been in yet (it was closed when we went by on our way to dinner tonight) but it looks great.

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  1. Love love LOVE your Easter dress! So pretty :)