Saturday, November 20, 2010

policeman in the clouds

sweater - step-dad's, 90s dress - thrifted, pleated skirt - thrifted, tights - old, clogs - jeffrey campbell, purse - thrifted coach, lip color - just bitten lipstain by revlon in gothic

Guys, I think this might be one of my favorite outfits in a really long time. I wore this to work, for no special reason, although everyone kept asking me if I had a date or something. Hehe. The heels were a little intense for a whole day of work, but I stuck it out. I had flats in my locker just in case but everyone was so doubtful that they would be comfortable that I just had to stick it out. They are mad comfortable, but 8 hours in heels is kinda too much for me. But SO cute, god I can't even handle how much I love these clogs.

This is such an example of how goth-y I've been feeling since I dyed my hair darker. So much grey and black. I mean, I loved a bit more color for awhile, but deep down, I'm a black kind of girl. And dudes, how great does that pleated skirt look under the floral dress? I'm rambling, and sadly don't have any exciting stories to go with this awesome outfit, but yeah, wearing rad shit makes me stoked.

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