Saturday, November 6, 2010

reorganizing my bookshelf

sweater - stepdad's, romper - urban outfitters, socks - sock dreams, glasses - zenni optical, nailpolish - black out

I hope you all know the joy of being totally lazy all day. A couple days ago I called in sick, despite feeling only sort of horrible. I spent a couple hours in bed watching Korean dramas on Hulu and then read a book in the bath. Occasionally, never getting dressed in real clothes is exactly what you need. This little romper I got last spring and it is exclusively sleep/lounge-wear. But it is getting colder, so I threw a giant sweater (I seriously love this misshapen, moth-eaten thing) on over it and pull on some tall scrunchable socks. Maximum coziness. 

I dyed my hair a week ago, sort of for Halloween. I wanted it darker in general, but I also thought black would look better with my Halloween costume. I'm kind of loving it now, but it has kicked me out of my previous fall mood a little bit. All those fallen leaf colors I was so into, browns and golds and rusty reds and burnt oranges, are not working so well with the hair. I also bought a new gel eyeliner that looks so amazing applied heavily, especially after sleeping with it on, and these two things are getting me in a darker, more goth and spooky sort of mood. I also discovered I love the top knot/Swedish bun an insane amount. I didn't redo my hair to go to work the next day, so it was even messier, but I still got a ton of comments and compliments. 

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  1. nice photo and book choice..I'm right in the middle of reading infinite jest.