Wednesday, November 17, 2010

total shit and the normies

tee - pacsun, cutoffs - diy/thrifted, socks - target, boots - thrifted, bag - thrifted coach, necklaces - talonalia

Guys, is there anything better than gross house parties in the summer? I'm talking about the sort of thing where you can't tell if what's trickling down your back is your sweat or someone else's and you can barely breathe in the house. Add cheap beer and a lot of it, shitty punk bands, and a trashy outfit and things are guaranteed to be great. This particular night I wore my hair down, which was gross because it was so hot, but also really fun. A gay guy got tangled in it and a drunk girl asked me if she could have it. I flirted shamelessly with boys and had the greatest time with my awesome friends. My friend's band, the Normies, played and then my other friends' band, Total Shit, was supposed to play, but there was a noise complaint and the cops showed up. They decided to risk the fine and play a short set anyways and it was brilliant. So much fun. Also, on our way back from the convenience store to get beer, we found a whole wall of Scott Pilgrim posters. Of course we had to take a picture. I'm not entirely sure what is going on with our faces...

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