Thursday, November 4, 2010

summer memories

I think I've mentioned that I've got a stockpile of photos from the summer, when I wasn't blogging. They are so completely out of season at this point, it's almost embarrassing, but I like them to much to not post them.

These are from one of the best days of the entire summer. It was one of our only really hot days this year. Amanda came over, we drank too many gin and tonics, and watched The Virgin Suicides. We made delicious grilled zucchini, feta, and provolone pizza for dinner. Later, we went up to the small lake our friend lives near. We swam out to the dock with bottles of Session in our bathing suits. We also brought our vodka lemonades down to the public beach in travel coffee mugs, talked for hours in the dark, smoked too many cigarettes, and went drunk night swimming.

I totally love this great handmade vintage shirt I bought early in the summer. C'mon, it's yellow, sheer-ish, striped, and has floral print and ruffles. While I haven't embraced mom jeans, I am totally in favor of hacking off the legs of the awkwardly high, button-fly ones, cuffing them or leaving the edges raw, and wearing them as shorts. So I guess I could just say I am a fan of mom shorts. There was also a great pleated khaki pair earlier in the summer I quite liked.

As you can see, I was totally nerding out with the vintage cameras. Unfortunately the Polaroid had some issues, but I did take a roll of film with the Yashica. I haven't gotten it developed yet - I am terrible about that - but when I do, I'll definitely post a few shots.

shirt - vintage (valley of the roses), shorts - thrifted, sandals - online, belt - thrifted, cameras - vintage polaroid and yashica 35mm

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