Saturday, March 12, 2011

boring times call for indifferent measures

jacket - cotton on (australia), cords - gap, scarf - old, boots - thrifted, purse - thrifted coach

This outfit is halfway in between not giving a fuck and making an effort. It's not an exciting outfit, but it is a combination I had not worn before. Yeah, I wear the boots and cords together ALL the time but the jacket and scarf I haven't worn in ages. This scarf is rather wonderful in how HUGE it is. I mean, it's seriously massive. And this little military jacket has always been a favorite because I bought it in Australia. I agonized over that decision for ages because it was back when I really didn't spend money on clothes. But I kept seeing it in this shop window and I tried it on twice and I'd been wanting one similar for ages, so finally I just bought it. It's really not anything that crazy-special, but when I bought it, it kind of was, at least to me.

Anyways, it's kind of interesting to wear something different even when you don't totally love it. This isn't going to become a staple like my boots/cords/giant sweater outfit or layering my pleated skirt under my black floral dress. It's also nothing crazy out there that I felt uncomfortable in, nor is it something I absolutely hated. It's just a kind of in-between-y, one wear's all it needs sort of outfit. But sometimes you need to do something a little different, even if it isn't as good as your tried and true staples. And you better be able to do that without buying anything new because you can't just go shopping every time you get bored.

That being said, I've been shopping a lot. ^_^ A lot of the things I've bought are for my trip but others are just amazing things that you'll see soon. I might just do a quick post of new purchases. They're pretty.

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