Thursday, March 17, 2011

sick day

I've been sick lately and haven't been posting much. This is pretty standard, big bowl of pho (with lots of hot sauce and jalepenos), book, moth-eaten sweater, no make-up. Unexciting. I do have one last snow-day outfit I'll try to post soon and lots of new purchases that need to be shown off. I am sorry about the slowing down of posts on this blog and am very grateful to those who continue to comment. I definitely feel inspired to write a post every time I see a comment, so thank you for that.


  1. your soup looks good. no matter how hard i try, i fail at chopsticks every time...

  2. i really want some pho now, get well soon!

  3. Hopefully the jalapenos will give your immune system a kick up the hiney! Get better soon!