Sunday, March 27, 2011

last remnants of a winter

dress - yesstyle, tights - target, boots - thrifted

So these are from the last snow, the same as those snowman pictures. The dress is from this Asian fashion site which I kind of love because I always wanted to look like Korean or Japanese girls. I used to buy FRUiTS magazine all the time (Kinokuniya bookstore and Uwajimaya, what's up?) and once one of my coworkers said I looked kind of "Harajuku-esque." Anyways, I don't think my style is much influenced by that, but that's probably the first real fashion-y style that caught my interest. Ah high school.

Anyways, I wanted SO MUCH nordic print stuff this winter but ended up with only this sweater dress. Hoping I'm as into this pattern next winter and can go all out. Yesstyle is ahhh-mazing for nordic print EVERYTHING. Like I almost bought a faux fur trimmed nordic print fleece shorts. I controlled myself and bought this more practical dress.

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