Thursday, January 31, 2013

seafoam and silver

revlon jaded, sally hansen xtreme wear celeb city, seche vite top coat

Here's a closer up shot of nails you may have noticed in my post on Tuesday. I've been really into painting my nails lately, but I don't like to just paint them one solid, boring color. Last week it was triangle tips, and now we have silver on seafoam. I use tape on designs like this and I've found that the type of tape frame shops use for securing artwork to a mat works really well and doesn't hurt the base color. It's called Micropore tape and I buy it at work. You do have to peel it off right away though, as the color can seep through the tape.


  1. Perfect I love these colours, actually tried to do this a while ago but it kind of failed :(

    1. You should try again! My first couple tries of something like this were failures but now I think I have it figured out.

  2. your silver nails inspired me to research silver-sniffing dogs to try to find my silver jewelry...