Thursday, February 19, 2009

stay gold ponyboy, stay gold

jeans - pacsun, shoes - converse, shirt - pacsun, leather jacket - vintage

This outfit I wore yesterdy. It was inspired by The Outsiders. It's been one of my favorite books for years, and the movie is fantastic as well. I actually really need to reread the book, as it's been quite awhile. But I had my jeans cuffed, which always reminds me of The Outsiders, so I decided to use that as inspiration for an outfit.

I'm actually not sure if they actually cuffed their jeans in the book, or if they wore converse, but that combination always says Outsiders to me. Also, their shirts were much tighter than this, but I think a looser shirt works better for a girl. On a boy, I would expect a skintight t-shirt. On a girl, a tight shirt actually seems LESS authentic than a tight one, even though the opposite is true. I also thought about rolling a pack of cigarettes in my sleeve but decided that would be too costumey.

I actually got this leather jacket from a guy I went to high school with. It was his ex-girlfriend's, and I think he just wanted to get rid of the memories. I was wearing it during class one day and he said I could just have it. I don't wear it much since it's pretty big on me, but once I decided to do an Outsides outfit, I knew I needed to dig it out.

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