Saturday, May 2, 2009


So I've decided to move my blog. Originially the Era Vera one was supposed to be about crafting and cooking, but when I got interested in blogging about fashion I just started doing it there. Now I feel like my fashion and crafting need separate places (although there will probably be some overlap) and so am starting a new blog (with all my fashion posts from Era Vera imported over here, yay).

Anyways, I have pictures of what I wore last weekend. I went to a family birthday (my stepdad and two uncles) and wore a ridiculous shirt.

shirt - thrifted, pants - express, shoes - vans

I bought this shirt at a thriftstore in Ellensburg when I was there for the jazz festival several years ago. My mom, grandparents, and aunt and uncle were going, and I brought Justina and this guy, Seth, we were hanging out with a lot back then. (Who neglected to tell us he was vegan until we got there, despite the fact I asked if anyone had any sort of dietary restrictions that we needed to account for.) We camped and it was lots of fun, although the jazz itself was pretty boring. But we did a lot of swinging on swings late at night and Seth taught me to finally jump off a swing while it was still moving.

The shirt reminds me of something that would be a uniform for a someone working at a fast food restaurant/burger joint in the 50s. Not sure why. It's really king of a gross shirt, it's a little shiny. Seth totally disapproved of me buying it. But I like it in this outfit and only wish I had higher waisted pants to wear with it.

(by the way, if you get what the name of this new blog is indirectly referencing, you are cool. and no, simply translating it will not tell you the answer.)

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