Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday A!

The eleventh was Amanda's birthday and she invited Justina and I over for dinner with her family. We had delicious fettucine alfredo with shrimp, salad, garlic bread and tasty cream puff things with chocolate and raspberries on top. So so yummy. I decided to dress up a little, and wore this cute button up shirt with some beading and heels for once.

shirt - old, pants - pacsun, belt - thrifted, shoes - unlisted

I had only figured out what I was getting her a few days before and it hadn't arrived yet, so I had to wait until the next week, when school was over, to give it to her.

I got her saltwater sandals! We've talked about how nostalgic we are for them, and how we want them many a time, so I figured it would be a good present. She loved them. Said they were super comfy, and I think the navy color will go well with a lot of stuff, especially all the sundresses she should be wearing with them.

After the present opening, we went for a walk and ate popsicles. Yum!

I love this dress but have only worn it maybe twice before, even though I've had it for a couple years. I don't know why I didn't wear it before, maybe because I didn't like strapless bras? Whatever, it's totally cute and comfortable.

dress - target, shoes - random gladiators

My tongue was still stained when we were watching the Darjeeling Limited later (so good).

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