Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sasquatch Day 3

Monday was the last day at Sasquatch and in the morning we stopped at our favorite coffee place/antique store one last time. The place was actually in Trinidad, Washington, which is technically the closest town to where we were camping. However, all there is in the town is the antique store and a convenience store/gas station. We asked the owner of the antique store why the town was called Trinidad and he explained that the man that named the town had recently been in Spain, and the topography of the land reminded him of Trinidad, Spain.

The owner was really funny and awesome, and would always tell us cool stuff like that. He told us about finding old receipt pads from the dry goods store that was in the building before, and about his daughters band, and would always ask us what bands we were going to see that day. His wife took a picture of us all with him. There's Amanda, me, Aly, Gary, the coffee guy, Shane, and Justina. I'm wearing a little nineties dress I've had for ages, I think an aunt gave it to me for dress up when I was a little kid. Now it actually fits me. It is the cutest, most nineties little lace up detail on the back.

Monday there really weren't a lot of bands we wanted to see, but Deerhoof was playing and they're always awesome. I've seen them a couple times before, but they're just so cute. And foreign. The drummer came up to the mic at one point to say hi/thanks for coming, but he had to tie his shoelace, and it was really cute. And of course the singer is adorable, all japanese and hopping around the stage with her tiger mask.

It's nice when the bands you want to see are earlier in the day because you can get down close to the stage without too much trouble. Here's Amanda, Justina, and I goofing around after Deerhoof played. I guess we're all pretending to drink from the same water bottle?

Here we have Shane looking normal and then Shane looking like a douche. We made him wear Justina's hat and put on some of the free 1 800 QUIT NOW sunglasses. It was funny.

Justina's hat is from World Market, I believe, and I think it's pretty awesome. Yellow, floral, sparkly trucker hat? Nothing's better.

The next band that played was Grizzly Bear. I haven't been that into them before this, but their set was amazing. I'm definitely going to have to listen to them some more.

The rest of the afternoon we hung out up on the hill. There weren't any other bands we really wanted to see. This picture was taken when Santogold was playing. I think it looks kinda neat.

I love the old hippy tapestries I brought to sit on on the hill. And I like my toes when my nails are painted!

We left pretty early to get a headstart heading home and this is a picture J took right before we left. I think I was about to say something and my eyes are kind of closed, but you can see my dress, the little purse my mom used to carry when I was little, and the gladiators that look exactly the same as a pair my godmother had when she was a hippy. Ah, very nostalgic!

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