Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sasquatch Day 2

Now Friday night I had slept in my own tent (actually my parents'), which is a nice little tent that's very easy to put up and also very sturdy. I shared it with Amanda, who brought an air mattress, so we were very comfy (and not too hot in the morning since my tent has awesome ventilation). Justina slept with Shane and Aly in Shane's tent, which happened to be essentially a teepee. Saturday night, we had Gary with us too, and switched it up a little. Amanda and Justina slept in my tent, and I slept in the teepee with Shane, Gary, and Aly. It was terribly windy and the tent was flapping loudly all night, so we didn't get much sleep. We told secrets and played Truth or Dare, minus the Dare part. Finally Aly and Gary were able to fall asleep, but Shane and I couldn't because the tent was actually falling over on us. When we woke up, it looked like this.

Yeah, any sleep we got was with a tent completely collapsed on us. It was a little hard to breathe, and kind of scary when you woke up. Of course, Amanda and Justina slept perfectly fine in my tent.

I napped in the grass.

We ate breakfast hanging out down by our tents as well. That's Gary and Shane enjoying some granola.

Again we drove up the road for coffee and Gary stopped at the convenience store next to the antique store to get some soda. They have strange things outside convenience stores in Eastern Washington.

Here we're back at the trailer, making sandwiches again. I was being goofy while Amanda took pictures of me. I'm wearing a homemade tie-dye tshirt, and some cutoffs made from some old jeans someone gave me.

The dress Justina wore this day was really cute. I think it was from Urban Outfitters, but I'm not sure. It was adorable regardless (and I think being so cute and girly helped us to get near the front of the crowd for one particular band).

It's impossible to prevent Gary from playing guitar if there's one around, so he serenaded us while we got food together. He wore the same clothes all weekend, even though we totally had showers and such.

Here's Aly watching Gary. In some ways Aly and I have kind of similar style. She wears scarves a lot and I have the same blue sweatshirt she was wearing in the group picture from Saturday night. It doesn't bother me when we have on something similar, but she will seriously go back and change if we happen to both be wearing the same sweatshirt. Which is silly because it's a generic blue American Apparel one and mine is way grungier than hers anyways. Anyways, she always looks really cute.

Most of Sunday there weren't any bands we wanted to see (at least me and Justina, the others had one or two they went to see and then came back and joined us) so we staked out a spot in the comedy tent. The lineup was especially good that day, so it worked out really well. We saw the Red Wine Boys, which is Todd Barry and Jon Benjamin, and I guess this was only the second time they've done the Red Wine Boys thing. (We actually saw Todd Barry on Saturday as well, but I didn't get any good pictures.)

They basically just get up on stage and fuck around, without a plan, while drinking wine, and occasionally spray audience members with wine and/or give away bottles of "wine" (non-alcoholic). It's pretty funny. Gary even got a bottle! He almost passed out on stage though because he's diabetic and his blood sugar was really low.

After their set, Justina and I went to go find a bathroom (port-a-potty, ew) and ran into them! We talked to them for quite awhile, probably 10-15 minutes and they were really nice. They were trying to decide what band they were going to see. When we told them how bummed we were that we left our cameras and phones with our friends in the comedy tent and thus couldn't get a picture with them, Jon Benjamin felt bad for us and gave Justina his pen, and me his hotel room key (in a non-creepy way, he didn't tell me what room he was in). Todd Barry offered to take a picture on his phone and email it to me (which he totally did), so we ended up getting our picture anyways. When we got back to the comedy tent, our friends were realllllly jealous.

After that, we saw Aziz Ansari, who is hilarious. We actually saw him quite a few years ago at Bumbershoot and thought he was funny. Now he's on the show Parks and Recreation.

Justina's boyfriend Liam is in a band called Natalie Portman's Shaved Head and they were playing later that night (we didn't see them because they were playing at the same time as NIN) so he came and hung out with us for awhile. He refuses to believe that mustaches are hip now and that he looks like every other hipster douchebag out there, but it's true. Also, he kinda looks like his dad/a cop. The mustache is fairly new.

Then we saw Zach Galifinakis, who is funny, but the crowd was being really shitty so it kind of sucked.

This skinny douchebag wanted everyone to sit down (they had all stood up for Zach Galifinakis, mainly because more people were crowding into the comedy tent and not everyone could fit if everyone was sitting) and kept yelling and interrupting. Zach got him up on stage to argue his side and then invited someone to argue the standing side. That guy happened to be kinda fat, and it was funny.

After all the comedy, the only band we really wanted to see was Nine Inch Nails.

We headed down the hill right away, and waited until whoever was playing before them finished. Then we took advantage of being girls to get guys to let us in front of them and even got two guys to push through the crowd for us and ended up pretty damn near the front. (We got called princess and sweetheart and were told we were beautiful by many drunk guys, but it was worth it.) Here we are in the crowd waiting for them to play.

The bass player is super cute.

Justina and I like to rock out while holding hands.



So epic.

Yeah, NIN doesn't exactly seem like a band I would be into, but really, so so good. It was so amazing to see Trent live and just an incredible show. We had so much fun and were so glad we went. Two guys that were staying at Crescent Bar (and were much older, like 30) also went to Sasquatch that night, to see NIN. I was hanging out with one of them a whole bunch that night, when we all got back and got drunk, and we kept playing and/or singing NIN songs, especially Head Like A Hole. Before we left the Gorge there was a mini-dance party.

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