Tuesday, June 16, 2009

almost done!

Well I think I'm going to skip over some older pictures I haven't posted yet because I want to post some from today! I will get to the Sasquatch (and maybe some others) ones eventually, but I just haven't wanted to deal with them.

So today was my last day of my drawing class and I felt like dressing tight. The class was really fantastic and the teacher was amazing. He was really cool and we talked about movies and books and, of course, art a lot. I still have my math and psych finals on Wednesday, but I did get my whole psych project done (despite my partner flaking out on me three days before it was due). So I'm feeling good right now.

dress - target, tights - target, shoes - converse

I really like this dress, even though it's a little big. I bought it to be a mod witch for halloween a couple years ago (my friends were a mod cat and a mod vampire) and haven't really worn it since. Justina borrowed it when we went clubbing for our our friend Nicole's birthday awhile ago and just gave it back to me recently.

This is our greenhouse and it's pretty awesome. We have a huge number of green tomatoes on the plants and I am STOKED for them to get ripe. Nothing better than tomatoes right from the garden. I love how tomato plants smell as much like tomatoes as the tomatoes themselves.

I like hanging out in the greenhouse and watering the plants and taking care of them. It's nice.

These tights are such a great color. I love them.

I found them new in the package at Value Village, but they're from Target. I actually really like Target tights. They're pretty opaque for cheap tights.

The garden is so pretty!


  1. These pictures are lovely - all the green in the background is lush and fantastic. Oh and I adore your dress. :)

  2. Hi!!! Let me just say, you are adorable. I just ran into your blog and noticed your cute tights! I also have a blog and I wore tights on my post today too!

    Come check it out and maybe follow also :)