Sunday, June 28, 2009

too hot to handle, too cold to hold

My day: lunch with Sensei, looking at vinyl at Easy Street, Artopia in Georgetown (and getting lost trying to find parking), Ghostbusters video game on the Wii at Shane's.

Sounds like a perfect day to me.

These were called "Satan's Birdcages" but Justina and I thought they looked a little Depeche Mode-esque. Always a good thing in our book.

Amanda and I knew right away where we wanted to take pictures. This crazy old half torn/burned down brick building with sandy dusty sooty dirt was perfect.

shirt - fred meyer (i think, it's pretty old), pants - urban outfitters, purse - mom's from the nineties, shoes - random gladiators

These are some new pants I got when I was hanging out with my dad. On sale for $10? Perfect. Actually, I made him buy them for me. He hates going shopping so much that he waited outside smoking a cigarette until I had found what I wanted and I had to go to the door and wave him inside to pay for them.

dress - ross, shoes - saltwater sandals from me

I like to talk about my friend's clothes as much as my own. This is a new dress of Amanda's and I think it's totally cute. And goes so well with her new sandals! Sundresses are the best and I better increase my own sundress wearing.

I thought these busses were pretty neat looking. I love old things, and old crappy vehicles can be rather nice. There was a clown/juggler performing in front of them at one point, and when I took the picture, there was a comedian chick talking about the zoo and porn.

This is my favorite picture of the day. I loved this little bridge between the two buildings. Georgetown is a funny place. I really love the old, broken down-ness of some of it. I've only been there once before, and that was just a house party, so I had no idea what the neighborhood was like before. We went to a pretty sweet bakery and got a giant peanut butter cookie to share.

Oh, I guess I like this one quite a lot too. This is the side of the building that was partially torn down.

The one crazy/annoying/scary thing about Georgetown is that it is right by an airport, so there are always low flying planes. They kind of freak me out every time they fly overhead. Especially when we were at that party awhile back, hanging out in the backyard. The first time one flew over it really scared me. They're actually a lot closer and bigger seeming in person.

We stopped by Shane's house on our way home because he'd just gotten a Ghostbusters video game. So far, it looks like a really frustrating and confusing game.

Justina + Shane

Shiloh + Amanda

Me (I use my friends as a footrest)

I'm kind of missing two of my friends right now. I talked to them both recently, one last night on facebook but he's currently in another state, and the other just now when he called me, probably drunk and being ridiculous. Both these boys kind of make me sad, but they're also really great people to hang out with. They're difficult to be friends with though, and add a lot of drama to my life when they're in it. Regardless, I hope they'll be around more in the future.


  1. Dang, you were right about that old building - it's the perfect backdrop for your outfit photos! These pictures are really great.

  2. whoa someone needs to take "getting her picture taken" 101 i.e. me.

    also just decided shiloh's hair is far too short, you can see those gnarly eyebrows and that is unacceptable!

  3. Good blog, I like the second picture
    (my new blog photo)

    Cheers :)