Thursday, June 11, 2009

toking up with the pops

A few weeks ago I went to Seattle with my friend Shiloh, who was home from Bellingham for the weekend, to visit our friend Shane.

This is Shane.

This is Shiloh.

We had a really fun night, eating Indian food and staying up ridiculously late hanging out in his dorm room, before going for a rambling, random walk and getting donuts, and then sleeping on his dorm room floor until 2 pm. When we finally got up, we headed to the Ave, where the U District Street Fair was going on. Wandering around, we stopped and watched a street performer. Of course, he ended up pulling Shane and Shiloh into his act.

He made them into a human table, stood on top of them, and juggled swords! It was crazy. They and the two other guys he pulled out of the crowd were really uncomfortable about putting their heads in each other's laps. Silly homophobes. We stopped by Neptune Music (my favorite record store in the U District) while we were waiting for Amanda who, after calling me while she was supposed to be studying, decided to come meet us. We figured it would be easier for her to find us at the record store than if we were wandering around on the street in the middle of all the crowds. While we were waiting for her, I found a Country Joe and the Fish album, which I bought. (They're a band from the sixties that played at my house. Crazy story.) After she showed up, we went wandered a bit, bought popsicles and walked to a park. We sat in the grass and enjoyed our popsicles and then took over the swingset.

shirt - thrifted gramicci, jeans - old navy, shoes - some gladiators i can't remember

This is the craziest picture. Look closely. I didn't notice it the first couple times I looked at it. See it? Yeah, Shiloh is swinging high enough that it looks like he's standing on Shane's shoulders. I think it's so cool.

I wish I had a picture of Shiloh's shirt. It's an awesome old Dr. Dre shirt. We were joking about how nineties we both were, him in his Dr. Dre shirt, and me with my flannel, grungey and hole-filled jeans, and my little brown leather purse my mom actually used in the nineties. Oh, and we both had sweaters/sweatshirts tied around our hips the night before.

After hanging out in the park, we ended up in West Seattle at a barbecue with my dad's friends. It was really cool to see my friends interacting with the type of people I grew up around. I think it's great when younger people and older people can get along and have fun together and that's definitely how this went. They also had some delicious food. But the best part was definitely that my awkward friends were able to talk to these aging hippies and they all liked each other. Even my dad thought my friends were alright, and they thought he was pretty cool.

By the way, finals are next week, so I'm going to busy and probably won't be posting much. Not that I post much anyways, but for the next week or so I'll have an excuse. I still have pictures from the last couple weeks to post but right now I'm not wearing anything interesting.

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  1. I love swinging on swings! It makes me feel 11 again :)