Monday, January 25, 2010


Sorry once again about the scarcity of posts lately. I've been working crazy hours lately. I work six days in a row next week. All full eight hour shifts. I'm also housesitting that week. I think I will die.

cardigan - thrifted, shirt - gap, skirt - vintage, tights - target, shoes - thrifted

Wow, I didn't realize how much of this outfit was thrifted! I just got this skirt the other day in the vintage section of my local Value Village (I thought I would hate it when they created the vintage section because I was worried they would start charging more for the good stuff, but it's still as cheap as ever and it's nice having a starting place with a higher ratio of good to bad). I actually changed into jeans after wearing this for a little while because Justina and I made MARSHMALLOWS and I didn't want to get the goo all over this nice wool skirt.

I also got to see Michael and Amanda that night, and we rented Moon which was REALLY good. You should watch it!

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