Sunday, January 17, 2010

prisoner of the ant people

shirt - target, tee - depeche mode concert, jeans - gap, sneakers - converse, watch - step grandpa's

I like this shirt because the plaid pattern reminds me of graph paper. School supplies make me happy. I thought it was kind of a different way to wear my Depeche Mode shirt. Different than how I usually dress, I guess. I wish I had stuck with my pointy brown shoes I wear all the time though. The beat up Converse don't seem to work for this. And I'm still all about the red lips.

I wore this outfit yesterday, when I hung out with Amanda in Seattle. It was such an enjoyable day. We went to Ugly Mug, drank Ovaltine lattes again, went back to her house and immediately left because her roommate was having a breakdown, went to Memo's for burritos, and then to her boyfriend's ex-roommate's apartment, where we obsessively researched Gary Paulsen and Choose Your Own Adventure books. We decided to start a bookclub. Fun night, and worth the tiredness from lack of sleep I experienced today at work.

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  1. The outfit is awesome! Really geek chic, and yes, it looks like graph paper haha! :) ♥