Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ice cream, walks on the beach, used record stores

These are all things that make an excellent day for me. They are also things I did with my two favorite people on Saturday.

shirt - vintage depeche mode, cutoffs - thrifted/diy, tights - dkny, shoes - converse, purse - vintage coach, sunglasses - found/stolen in oly

We got gelato first and were attempting to take a group picture by resting the camera on the car when a stranger came out of his house and offered to take one for us. So nice! It was kind of awkward, and we felt a little silly, but it was really sweet. And look how cute Justina and Amanda look too. Amanda's hair is pretty much my favorite ever (although she always has rocking hair) and her bag is really cool too (it converts from a satchel to a backpack). I love Justina's hat (she wears hats really well) and sweatshirt (I have the same one in grey). The perfect kind of slouchy outfit.

After gelato, we headed to Ballard and wandered around on the beach and pier. There were SO many people out: playing in the sand, flying kites, barbecuing, playing frisbee, in sailboats, and just walking like us. I'm not surprised. I think in Seattle we truly take advantage of nice weather because we have so many dreary, grey days. A nice day, especially on a Saturday and one of the first of the year, means parks and beaches will be packed. I love it though, it makes me happy to see so many people out and enjoying themselves. This girl, for instance, was just sitting on the rocks right next to the water reading by herself. And of COURSE there were kids building dams, since it's like the funnest thing ever, right?

Even though it is still winter and I needed a coat by the water, the sun felt SO good. I really notice how much light and weather affects my mood. In the winter, when I hardly get any light (daylight savings does NOT help), I get much more depressed, and in the summer I am usually much happier.

After hanging out at the beach, we hung out in Ballard for awhile. There's a really good used record store there called Jive Time and I picked up a few records and a bunch of tapes. The guy that works there (I think he's the owner, he's the only person working there everytime I've been in the store) is this really sweet older guy. Really soft spoken but you can tell he really loves music and knows a ton about it. I had a long-ish conversation with him about Kraftwerk while I bought a Kraftwerk tape the first time I was there. After that we went to an antique mall, where I didn't find anything and Amanda tried on some funny glasses and then we ate at Jai Thai.

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  1. YARGH! This post made me miss Seattle so fucking much! And you guys. You 3 look adorable, as usual.
    Ahhhh maaaaan :(