Thursday, March 4, 2010

nostalgia for a time and place i barely remember

coat - old navy, flannel shirt - gap, sweater - target, jeans - urban outfitters, boots - thrifted

I wore this outfit to work and a coworker, who lives in the same town as me, said I look really country/redneck, like I belong in our town. He's one to talk, wearing Carhartt's and driving a lifted truck. I always like this style of coat because it reminds me of the army coats the mods wear in Quadrophenia (the Who used to be one of my favorite bands). I like its wrinkled shapelessness. I'm thinking more about what kind of style there is in my hometown right now. It's interesting, because there has always been this strange balance of hippies and hicks. Now there's a lot of yuppies that work for Microsoft as well, but they don't really count. The heart of it all is definitely the combination of hicks and hippies. Strangely, they manage to get along here. I know several people who bridge the gap, who simply can't be put in a category. You think logging is a strange occupation for a hippie? I do too, but it seems less strange here. I think my nostalgia for my hometown the way it was before I was born and in the first few years of my life is getting the best of me. I really think it's an amazing place. Maybe I should make it a goal to get more of the awesome local shit on the blog. There are definitely some good places to take pictures around town. Unfortunately everyone knows me and I will definitely get questions if I'm toting a tripod around taking pictures of myself.

By the way, I just heard about a weekly silent film thing happening in Seattle. I think Amanda and I are going to try to go. Rhiannon of liebemarlene vintage has totally gotten me interested in silent films. She posts amazing photos of silent film actresses and is making me want to learn way more about them.

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