Sunday, March 7, 2010

seattle underground

Have you ever thought about how you never go out and see the sights in your own city unless you have guests from out of town? It's nice to have an excuse to do all the tourist-y things you wouldn't be caught dead doing when you have an excuse.

My grandparents visited for a couple of days, so one day I had off, I took them to Seattle and we went on the Underground Tour. Which is basically a series of tunnels underneath the sidewalks in the oldest parts of Seattle. You see, the city was built on a tide flat, so downtown would be flooded twice a day. To solve the problem, they decided to knock down some hills and use the dirt to raise the level of downtown between 10 and 30 feet. However, there were already businesses there, so they filled in the streets but left the sidewalks at their original level. This meant you had to climb down a ladder to get from the street to the sidewalk and into a shop. Eventually they covered the sidewalks and paved them at the street level which meant the original 2nd floor was now the 1st. The plan was to fill in the tunnels later on but that never happened. So now, they have tours which go through the tunnels and are rather informative and attempt to be humorous. Honestly, I got bored and just ended up taking masses of pictures. Rubble and ruins are so attractive to me.

For the Seattle World's Fair (or the Yukon-Pacific Exposition, I honestly can't remember) they put these skylights in the tunnels, which were apparently still in use. Above is the view from below and below is the view from above (confusing, yes, I know).

coat - silence & noise, sweater - target, tshirt - pacsun, jeans - gap, shoes - thrifted, bag - vintage dooney & burke

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