Saturday, March 27, 2010

pho king spring

I haven't taken pictures pretty much all week. I've been really lazy and sort of depressed. These were taken Saturday, the day after the Violator party. As always, dirty hair, smudged makeup, yesterday's clothes, sunglasses. The hangover outfit.

J and I slept in a little, cleaned up the worst of the mess from the party, and then went and got pho. Pho is, without a doubt, the best hangover cure in the entire universe. I'm serious. A bowl of rice noodles in that delicious broth, some meat and as much hot sauce and jalepenos as you can handle and you'll feel fine. The hot sauce and jalepenos are crucial. They get all the nasty toxins out of your body.

depeche mode shirt - vintage, jeans - gap, shoes - converse, sunglasses - found/stolen in oly, depeche mode necklace - from a coworker

I really am glad winter is over. This was the first day of spring, and it was a perfect spring day. I'm excited for summer (like crazy excited...all I want to do is swim and sunbathe and dink outdoors and go hiking, all of which totally go together and can happen at the same time) but I also think I'm going to really enjoy spring and am going to try to not waste any of it. I want to take advantage of every moment of this gorgeous in between-y weather. I kind of love how one day it's gorgeous and the sun is shining and the next day it's raining really intensely. Those changes make me excited.

(so I should mention that although pho king is an actual restaurant, that is not where we went. we went to the shitty little pho place next to the convenience store and the laundromat. and evesdropped on an old couple. and then I brought my mom lunch. I just think it's funny that "pho king" is pronounced the same as "fucking". also, sorry about the quality of that first photo. it was taken on my phone, in my car.)

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  1. Your blog is amazing! I love your honesty! And yes Pho always makes you feel better after hang overs!!