Thursday, March 11, 2010

thrifted velvet and a plaid coat

So I wore this outfit for no special reason. I'd been rather a slob the last couple days and felt like dressing up. I also picked up a bunch of dresses and some other stuff at the thrift store and decided to wear this velvet dress. Which I totally love. It's a little big for me, so I might try to take it in, but it's lined and that makes tailoring a bit harder. I also decided to put my hair in pincurls. It kinds of reminds of the pictures of silent film stars Rhiannon sometimes posts. I had a bit of time before work, so I went out to the woods behind my house to take some photos. I also love the giant hood on this coat. It's kind of fairytale. It's funny dressing up for no reason though. A bunch of coworkers asked me if I had a date or was going to a party after work. I felt silly telling them that no, I was bored and curled my hair, and I just bought the dress so I felt like wearing it. I'll have to post some of the other stuff I got at the thriftstore soon too.

coat - silence & noise, dress - thrifted, shirt - target, tights - target, shoes - target


  1. your hair looks so pretty curled!

  2. i really love the way you layered that tee-shirt under your dress! its so im wondering if i have any dresses which would look nice with a tee-shirt under. you look great, like rapunzel!

  3. Lovely outfits but I am totally in love with your hair!!!!! :) xxx