Monday, July 11, 2011

30 Days of Fun (1-3)

So the always inspiring Maggie of Mighty Girl just started a really wonderful project. For 30 days, she will do something fun every day. Although this came out of some negativity in her life right now, which I am not facing, I love the idea and am stealing it for myself. So for the next 30 days, I will do, photograph, and post something fun every day. Actually, I will post every three days so it's not so overwhelming, resulting in ten posts of fun over the next month. I only heard about this today, but I did really fun things Saturday and Sunday, so I'm starting the 30 days with Saturday.

Saturday, Day 1: Went on sketchy carnival rides.

Sunday, Day 2: Saw my friends' band play.

Monday, Day 3: Ate a cookie and watched Kids In The Hall sketches on youtube.

I'm already thinking ahead to fun things I can do in the coming days. Obviously, they don't have to be huge, but just something that makes me happy. If you have any suggestions of fun things to do, tell me! What are YOU going to do that's fun?

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  1. i love the 30 days idea :D, it seems like a great way to keep the blog alive ^^. I'm going to try it after I buy a new charger for my camera, so I can't wait ^^.

    btw, that cookie looks so yummeeeeh *drools*