Thursday, July 14, 2011

strawberries pt. 2

I already wrote about the first day of strawberry picking, this was the second. I went with my mom on the first, and my friends the next. This time we were in an even better section of the field and in no time had around 13 lbs each. Well, J had less because she didn't want to make jam. Silly girl. Of course a lot more pictures were taken with the three of us.

shirt - gap, jeans - uo, boots - thrifted, lip color - revlon just bitten in gothic

After picking our combined 35 lbs of strawberries, we went the shitty grocery store where we bought mexican Cokes, the only local burger joint in our small town, Pickle Time, for burgers, and ate in the park by the river. Later, we went back to my place, made a few batches of jam, a strawberry rhubarb pie, and these delicious strawberry-basil-gin cocktails. Yum.


  1. asdjalsdjklauwlaskdjal STRAWBERRY PICKING! ZOMGGGZ. Totally forgot that that existed! aw, this post is making me nostalgic! I used to always go strawberry picking with the famjam when I was a young 'un. My dad would purposely pick out the white ones because they're sour and he's a weirdo haha. Good times!

    Sounds like an amazing time! I'm really jealous, actually. And you look AMAZING. Love the hair -- so fancy shmancy and pretttyyy.
    P.S. Ah, the new fabric sounds marvelous! YES to a romper! And you MUST post pictures when it's done! I'm excited now, haha.

  2. Sweet Christ, glad I cut my hair. Why did you let me go around lookin' like that?!

    Also need to reiterate the total adorableness of the last picture.

  3. aw, c'mon, you look cute A. cuter now with the short hair! and you know I didn't LET you, how many times did I tell you to cut your damn hair? a million!