Tuesday, July 12, 2011

long skirts and long days

tank - gap, skirt - mom's, belt - thrifted, clogs - jeffrey campbell, purse - vintage coach

I know I go on and on about it, but summer really is my favorite. Lazy afternoons, warm evenings, floaty skirts, and tiny tanks are all things that make me incredibly happy. I spent the day sunbathing and eating popsicles before heading to work in the afternoon. Even after I got off it was kind of the perfect summer evening. Warm enough I don't need a sweater (although I did have to wear my trusty long grey cardigan at work) and full of nostalgia. Both the skirt and the purse were my moms. As a little kid, that skirt was a favorite of mine for dress-up. I would wear it hiked up to my armpits because it was way too long for me.

I'm still playing with the length today. As I sort of mentioned before, I'm trying to branch out of my comfort zone with certain shapes of garments. I talked about wanting to get comfortable exposing my belly in crop tops, and now I'm trying longer skirts. I find I often feel frumpy in anything that goes past the knee, and I feel most comfortable in short little things. I didn't want to wear this skirt at it's full, ankle length glory, so I folded over the wide elastic waistband a few times and belted it. And I'm happy! This was one of those outfits that come together perfectly. I've decided I like this length of skirt, so let's consider the experiment a success. At least as far as this particular skirt is concerned, I am no longer afraid of longer lengths. Although I do insist on heels. I think flats would bring me right back to frumpville.


  1. ooo, such a pretty skirt

  2. EEEEEK. I love this skirt SO MUCH. It looks like it'd be SO MUCH FUN to spin around in - I loooove it.

    And I hear ya! I used to NEVER wear skirts below the knee - especially because I'm a shorty. I definitely felt grandma vibes in them. but they're growing on to me -- they're elegant and whimsical and not worrying about flashing chums is a good thing, too.


  3. Sweet outfit! Adore the skirt :) X