Tuesday, July 5, 2011

skating! fireworks! keyboards! barbecue!

Guys, I had such a blast yesterday! The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I think because I just love summer! JAR hung out at Amanda's with her family. We ate SO MUCH good food. We had sangria, like 5 different kinds of chips and guacamole, watermelon, kebabs, potato salad, green salad from the garden, beer, brownies, and lots of candy. Summer barbecue foods are my favorite! I loooove potato salad and watermelon so so much.

We lit off some smoke bombs in the front yard before it got dark and we headed to Carnation for the big fireworks. I loved Liam's matching outfit/smoke. It should be an album cover or something, don't you think? It's fun watching Liam get so into the fireworks. He was setting up all sorts of "funny" shots, like making it look like he was farting smoke or smoke was coming out of the car's exhaust. These two of J and him are my favorites though.

Then of course we busted out the keyboard that was in my car, the most ghetto-fabulous kid-style keyboard ever. It's a Casio Rapman, with scratch and voice effects. I think we might have written some songs, sitting on the hood of my car. I keep a lot of random things for entertainment in my car. In addition to the keyboard, there's usually a skateboard (which shows up later in this post), a kite, sometimes an inflatable raft, and all sorts of other things.

shirt - handmade (london), jeans - uo, boots - thrifted, jacket (not pictured) - cotton on (sydney)

I bought this tank at the Greenwich Market while I was in London. I love the print, but I might still be struggling with the shape. I'm trying to get comfortable showing my abdomen, but I don't think I'm totally there yet. But I want to wear tons of crop tops this summer, so I need to get comfortable. This outfit was fun because it reminded me of two different trips, the London visit, of course, and also once it cold dark and cold and I put on my jacket, I was reminded of my trip to Australia when I bought my favorite summer jacket ever. That thing gets so much use. 

While we were hanging out in the front yard, I found my old skateboard in my trunk and we started goofing around. I was trying to ollie, but I'm not very good. Summer always makes me want to skate, so I think I'll try some more this year. I know I'm never going to be any good, but I'd like to be able to do a few simple tricks and just be comfortable on a skateboard. Enough that I can fool around and have fun with skating.

After getting home from the fireworks in Carnation, which were a little disappointing this year, to be honest, we lit more sparklers and Amanda's brothers lit a bunch of other fireworks. Some pretty good ones actually. Shane and Shiloh came over too, and I had too much to drink and teased everyone. I really love my friends!

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