Sunday, July 10, 2011

strawberries pt. 1

shirt - weekdays (copenhagen), jeans - uo, boots - thrifted, jacket - cotton on (sydney)

I picked massive amounts of strawberries both this day and the next. I'll post pictures from that later since there was a lot. This day I was just tired and it rained a bit and I was kind of dirty but I picked 14 lbs of strawberries. This field is my favorite pick-your-own place. Berries are only $1 per pound and all the employees are high school boys. While we were picking, on of them was leaning against the little shack they weigh your berries in, playing acoustic guitar. I don't really like listening to people play acoustic guitar and I think most people that whip out a guitar at any opportunity are annoying, but it was kind of perfect. Small town, cute fresh faced high school boy, playing something super generic while he sits around at his lazy summer job. He also flirted with me a bit when he showed us where to pick, in a funny awkward way and complimented me on my glasses.

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