Thursday, July 7, 2011

pie for breakfast

slip - liberty of london for target, tights - target

Sometimes you just need an incredibly lazy day, and that's what today was. I never actually changed out of this Liberty print slip and some ripped tights, and I spent the whole day in bed eating leftover strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream, reading, and watching Mad Men. Yeah, I missed out on that until now. I had caught a few episodes at other people's houses but I just illegally downloaded (shhh) all 4 seasons and am totally bingeing on all the early 60s greatness. I wore a dress that reminds me of Joan Holloway except I don't have her curves the other day. But I think Peggy Olson might be my hero and I love her goofy little bangs.

I just finished reading Vanity Fair by Thakeray, which was great. A novel without a hero, yes, but thoroughly entertaining. Now I've been alternating some short stories by Fitzgerald with another beast of a book, Infinite Jest. My friend Amanda assures the that about 150 pages in, it gets interesting and readable, but I will admit that I have been stuck in the first few pages, unable to really get into it. However, our informal book club and her encouragement will hopefully get me past that and I can start yet another slog. It seems lately all I read are enormous, important books. Anyone have anything light and fluffy to read? I have enjoyed some Jeeves stories by Wodehouse, and was thinking about picking up some more Nero Wolf books. I need light but fun things like that to read while at work.

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