Friday, March 30, 2012

crafty girl

I think I've mentioned before that sometimes I get to bring projects home from work. This is one of our new lines Christy Tomlinson's "She" by Pink Paislee. It's really fun and mixed media-y, I guess because she designed it as stuff she would actually use in her own work. I made this wood plaque, which I think I'll buy when we're done displaying it at the store, a bunch of cards, and a scrapbook page I don't show here because I haven't added the photo yet. I think the plaque would be really fun displayed in a craft room, hence the phrase (I love those wood letters, by the way!) "crafty girl."

p.s. One of the managers at work, Beth, just started a circle Smash. She got a Smash book (super cool mixed media journals) and is passing it around, letting different people do a page. She gave it to me to do the first page and I'm such a mix of nervous and excited! I also just took her art journaling class at the store, which was a blast.

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