Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So I went on a date with this older guy awhile back. He was really nice and I had fun, but it just . . . didn't seem to go anywhere. I suppose the attraction wasn't there? I dunno, I'm bad at dating. I feel awkward and then just stop talking to them. Which is kind of what I did in this situation and I regret that. I'm just really bad at rejecting guys so I take the coward's way out.

Anyhow, I looked really cute on the date, if I do say so myself! I took this badly lit picture after I got home. This is my favorite sweater/dress/skirt combo. Also, I'm wearing lipstick! Which I've been too lazy for lately. Also, holy dehydration these days, my lips have been so damn chapped! Too many cigarettes, not enough water.

sweater - stepdad's, floral dress - thrifted, pleated skirt - hand me down, tights - target, shoes - jeffrey campbell, lips - revlon really red, purse - thrifted dooney & burke

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  1. You do look really cute, that is the kind of outfit I would like to wear :)

    - Fifi