Saturday, March 10, 2012

lucky grocery store

I think the QFC next to my work is lucky. A few days ago, when I was getting cash back, there was a few extra dollars in the cash dispenser and yesterday I found a diamond. Well, I think it's a diamond, I need to take it to a jeweler but it passes all the home tests I googled. It scratches glass, quite easily I might add. If I breathe on it, the fog dissipates quickly. When it's placed on newspaper face down, the print is not readable. So I think it's real . . . I found it under the self checkout where my friend from work was buying something. The ring was smushed so the stone had fallen out but I saw the sparkly stone and picked them both up. And yes, I'm going to keep it. It's not like a wallet or a phone where it's pretty easy to figure out who it belongs to. I don't want to just turn it in the the grocery store for someone else to pocket. Now I just have decide what to do with it. Should I have it reset in a ring or something?

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