Saturday, March 3, 2012

iceland sweater

sweater - icelandica (reykjavik), shorts - macy's, tights - forgot, shoes - jeffrey campbell, purse - thrifted dooney & burke

I think that clothing is one of the best souvenirs you can buy. Not tacky "all I got was this tshirt" or "I (heart) NY"* sorts of things, but things that truly reflect the culture of the place you visited. Or just something simply stylish which will remind you of the city you bought it and make you smile. This sweater fits into the culture category since it is a traditional Icelandic design, made by local knitters out of Icelandic wool, which is famous for very warm. On the other hand, my favorite summer jacket, the military inspired one I bought in Sydney would fit into the stylish city category. There is nothing particularly Australian about that jacket but every time I wear it I think of Sydney and walking down by the harbor and shopping with my cousin. And the Liberty handkerchief perhaps straddles the line between the two categories. It's not quite as LONDON as the sweater is Icelandic, but Liberty is certainly a very British brand.

I was certainly very glad for that famously warm Icelandic wool (the sweater is seriously fuzzy) when it snowed AGAIN. What is with this late snow? We had some last year and now I wake up at the end of February and it's snowing. So bizarre! This time it didn't stick around very long, or even snow very much before it melted off.

*I do have a "I (heart) NY" tshirt that I regularly sleep in. 

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