Friday, July 9, 2010

class pack attack

striped tee - old, denim jacket - thrifted, hoodie - old navy, jeans - urban outfitters, shoes - converse, silk scarf - thrifted, sunglasses - vintage

I love these jeans! Love the high waist and they're superrrr skinny. They've got a little stretch though, so they're really comfortable. Definitely felt a kind of 50s/rockabilly vibe on the day I wore this outfit. Not that I did anything cool or exciting, mind you. Spent the day helping my mom pack up everything in her classroom. Still, I like to look nice/interesting, even when I'm just doing manual labor at an elementary school.

Oh my goodness, by the way, my friend Amanda has the BEST high waisted denim shorts. Seriously, so good! I think I got a picture when she wore them the other day, so hopefully I'll post that later. They're vintage, from the 70s, and they were her mom's. And her long legs look amaaaazing. So so good. I'm kind of really jealous of these amazing shorts.

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