Sunday, July 11, 2010

triple texas

tee - depeche mode concert, jeans - gap, moccasins - minnetonka, purse - thrifted coach

tee - pacsun, skirt - vintage, heels - jeffrey campbell, purse - coach, watch - grandpa's

90s dress - thrifted, purse - coach, sandals - online somewhere

Thought I'd post a couple Texas outfits at once so it doesn't take FOREVER to get through them. I want to post recent stuff now! So let's get this older stuff out of the way. I have such a backlog of pictures I want to get up here.

Anyways, the outfits... The first was the one and only time I wore jeans while I was there and I DIED. So so hot, especially in under construction buildings with yet to be installed air conditioning. I definitely like the cuffed jeans with the moccasins though. Which have been getting masses of wear. Definitely this summer's go-to slip-on with whatevs type shoes. Obviously, I used this thrifted (probably not vintage, it looked like it had never been used) Coach purse ALL the time while I was there. I had one other large purse which I used as a "personal item" (found the biggest I could so I could cram as much as possible in it since I wasn't checking any bags) but other than that, this purse was it. That's the thing about traveling...things like shoes and bags you tend to bring the bare minimum on and it can get a little boring. I think I did bring four pairs of shoes for the two weeks I was there though. My mom thought it was excessive.

Second outfit was what I wore for my cousin's graduation. It was HOT. High waisted wool skirts are NOT a good idea for upper 90s-100 degree weather. But surprisingly, my grandma made no negative comments, either about the super high heels, or the visible black bra. My great-uncle even said something about how nice it was to see a girl in a skirt and heels...a little creepy, but with sweet intentions.

The last picture for today was from my cousin's grad party the next day. This dress is short. Really short. Too short to be worn without tights, really. But when it's a pool party and there's a bunch of (really fit) teenagers running around in speedos, I think a short skirt is kind of ok. I felt less overdressed in dresses and things than I thought I might with my extremely casual family because people dress much nicer in Texas than they do here. I think it's part of that southern formality I noticed with the ma'am and sir, and Mrs. and Mr. instead of first names. It's very different than here. At my graduation, most people in the audience were in tshirts and zip off shorts with...Tevas or Crocs or some other affront to attractive footwear. At my cousin's, most girls and women were in dresses and I saw hardly any shorts. It was...nice.

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