Sunday, July 25, 2010


Again, this one is from awhile back. Specifically the summer Solstice. We went to Fremont, skipped the parade, but did check out the fair stuff going on. Fremont (a neighborhood in Seattle) is pretty well known for the Solstice parade, and also for the fact that there is a lot of nudity at said parade. So yeah, I saw a lot of naked people, especially of the "don't want to see that" variety, both with body paint and entirely bare. But there was also a lot of really great stuff, like this totally rad old man doing a live action video game. He held the frame and puppets were controlled by the joystick. It was the happiest thing I've seen in a long time. Also, we saw a really cute boy in a band. I think the band was called Ravenna Woods, but I'm not sure. Actually, there were a lot of cute boys, wearing a lot of flannel, all day. For being the summer SOLSTICE, it was a really chilly day. My friend Liam also bought this hilarious skull headed staff to replace one his friend had stolen from a party. Nothing livens up a walk around the city like voodoo staff.

shirt - buffalo exchange, cardigan - urban outfitters, jeans - urban outfitters, sandals - contributor by rachel comey, bag - liberty of london for target

I felt that wearing something rather dreamy and ethereal was appropriate for the longest day of the year, despite the lousy weather. And I woke up with a kind of crazy hair action going on which I rather loved. Added a braid and threw it up in a messy bun. I actually have a dress that's very similar to this shirt, but I need to fix the smocking at the waist. It actually used to be my mom's and it's really beautiful.

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