Sunday, July 4, 2010

twisty trees in the forest

Texas again!

shirt - target, shorts - diy, sandals - online somewhere

Sometimes I feel really lame about shopping at Target, like it's not hip and indie enough. But then I find cute things like this tanktop and can't help it. I guess as long as I mix stuff up, then it's cool. And it's not like it really matters where you shop. For someone with a fashion/style blog, I really hate superficiality, so whatevs, right? I really mixed fabrics in the same garment. This tanktop has your standard t-shirt style knit, but the patterned part is a really sheer woven. This was also one of my favorite spots in Texas. It's along this trail by my cousins' house and there's a little creek back there. I love the way the trees are kind of twisty and there's at least a little shade to keep you from dying. This day it was insanely hot, and wearing my hair down was a really poor choice. I think it was the only day I did.

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