Monday, August 1, 2011

30 Days of Fun (19-21)

Wednesday, Day 19: Worked on a cone prototype for a food related business venture which was semi-successful.

Thursday, Day 20: Chilled with the fam and drank beer.

Friday, Day 21: Had more than enough reading material at lunch.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm reading Infinite Jest right now, but I also tend to pick up a copy of Spare Change whenever I see someone selling it outside Trader Joe's. It's actually my favorite paper and the articles are really great. I read something about the history of blood transfusions (first happened in the 1600s! with lamb blood!), the cover story actually. Between this, the Stranger, and online news, I never get real papers. Which is a bit of a shame. I used to read the New York Times a lot, but that just doesn't happen anymore.


  1. Haha do you have to pay for the Spare Change? I have to say I usually avoid the people outside of trader Joe's at all costs when im at lunch for work...

  2. What kind of beer is that? The label's gorgeous.