Tuesday, August 16, 2011

shirt skirt

tank - gap, shirt (worn as skirt) - gap, boots - thrifted, purse - thrifted coach

I saw this look on some amazing looking girls' blogs and it just kinda stuck in my head for a few weeks. I couldn't wait to try it, although I was a little wary about it. I mean, wearing a shirt as a skirt? Kinda crazy, possibly unflattering. But I loved it! I threw on some little sheer lacy shorts underneath just in case, but the only time I had a problem was when a button popped open while I was carrying drum shit to my friend's car after his band played at the Comet. Otherwise, sitting, standing, moving around . . . no problem. And I really like how it looks! Now I'm looking at all my button-up shirts and evaluating their skirt potential. I can definitely see doing this again. It's cool because when you're buttoning the skirt it looks like, oh no, this isn't going to work, why does it look so saggy on my but and weird all over? But then you kind of lift the arms up to your waist and the back part folds over so there's no extra fabric and you tie and it's like it's meant to be. I would recommend though, if you're going to try this, that you use a shirt that is fairly large. It doesn't have to be huge, but don't use something that is close fitting when you wear it normally, especially if you're small on top like me.

blog note: i'm driving across the mountains tonight to visit my cousin for a few days. i may or may not blog while i'm gone, but i have been experimenting with scheduled posts, in the hopes that i can avoid long blogging breaks. 

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