Monday, August 15, 2011

Detail Week, Day 1

After finishing up that 30 Days of Fun, I realized that I really like having ongoing series on my blog. It helps me to focus, makes me update more consistently, and gives me something to blog about on days I don't do/wear anything exciting. I don't want to just prolong things like 30 Days of Fun (although I think I will repeat that one every July) so I decided to start my own little series. This is the first time I've done something like this without stealing the idea from another blogger, so I decided to start small with a Detail Week. For seven days, I will post one picture showing some small detail of my day, whether it's something I wore or something I did. I may do regular posts throughout the week as well, or I may not.

Bottle Cap Necklace made by Allison (etsy)

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  1. hehe you're awesome. That bunny is pretty cute huh. Oh Rachel, I definitely recommend that you should do this. I might even do it too for next month: